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Organic Farming

Brand: Bollgard Seeds Model: rich-Bhi-0017
BrandEvana Organic FertilizerItem Weight1 KilogramsItem FormPowderCoverageMediumLiquid Volume1 LitresAbout this itemExcellent Plant Booster - Evana Organic Horn Meal Fertilizer for plants can be used at any stage of planting to boost plant growthIncreases Flowering, Fruiting and Development of Leave..
Brand: UPL Limited Model: rich-Bhi-0038
GAIAGEN Naturals for Sap Feeding Pests - 1 Litre | Non-Insecticidal Formulation for Control of Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips, Whiteflies & More., Pack of 1..
Brand: JBPL Model: rich-Bhi-0019
MaterialJELLYColourMulticolorBrandJBPLProduct Dimensions5.1L x 7.6W x 10.2H CentimetersShapeRoundItem Weight200 GramsAbout this item✅Advanced Technology: The JBPL Waste Decomposer is made using cutting-edge technology that enables efficient decomposition of organic waste. It utilizes a unique formul..
Brand: Kraft Seed Model: rich-Bhi-0032
Kraft Seeds by 10 CLUB Vermicompost - 5kg | Organic Manure for Plants | Fertilizer for Home Gardening | Enriched Potting Soil Mix for Plants | Compost Garden Soil | Natural Booster for Flowering Plant..
Brand: ADAMA Model: rich-Bhi-0015
OrganicDews Trichoderma Viride Powder - (2 x 10^8 CFU per Gram) Bio Fungicide (125 g) - Prevents Fungal and Bacterial Diseases in Plants 125 g..
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